The Taylor principle is valid under wage stickiness

with Alexis Blasselle

Published in B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, see also my PhD dissertation. A 2010 version  is published as École Polytechnique working paper or in HAL

We consider the textbook neo-Keynesian model with staggered prices and wages in discrete time. We prove analytically that the Taylor principle holds in this case. When both contracts exhibit sluggish adjustment to market conditions, the policy maker faces a trade-off between stabilizing three welfare relevant variables: output, price inflation and wage inflation. We consider a monetary policy rule designed accordingly: the central banker can react to both inflations and the output gap. In addition to generalizing the Taylor principle we show that the frontier of determinacy embeds the frontier derived with staggered prices only, generalizes the frontier of determinacy in the limit case of continuous time and is symmetric in price and wage inflations.


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